Welcome to 2x4 Los Angeles!

My Name is Anna Adams and i am the designer and one woman team behind 2x4.  I created this brand with the hopes of being able to do what i love, which is to make visually unique, handmade products, while also creating a platform and voice for things that i am passionate about.  as a company, we are on a mission to help repair broken lives in our beloved city, as well as support other local small businesses, and source as much as possible from within l.A.

At 2x4 Los Angeles, we embrace the philosophy that PEOPLE MATTER.  We are dedicated to spreading the message that a spirit of generosity and grace not only enriches the lives of those in need, but also the lives of those that have something to give.

Half of the proceeds from every purchase go directly to organizations that are providing services for people in immediate and desperate need in our city.  

Currently, we are giving to Union Rescue Mission in DownTown LA.  They are working tirelessly to offer support and opportunity to the homeless Men, Woman, and Children in our city.  

Please take a moment to visit their website or follow them on Facebook for updates and ways to get involved.